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Category: Business Officials Academy

Materials for the ACSA Business Officials Academy, What CBOs Need to Know About Strategic Planning

Academic Support a Financial Challenge for School Business Officers

Stretching limited dollars to expand educational opportunities may require some creative thinking and sharing of lessons learned. There was plenty of both when more than 1,000 school business officials from districts across the country and four other nations met here late last month. Read more by Michele Molnar in Education…

Innovation Is Strategy: Imperative #1 for the Crazy World of 2015/2015+

By Tom Peters I’m labeling what follows a “précis” of my current concerns. It originated with a client request for projected “takeaways” associated with a forthcoming speech. I responded, as requested, with a single page. Then, more or less for the hell of it, I expanded the outline/précis to a…

Recommended Books

This list contains the books that I shared at the ACSA Business Officials Academy in Lodi on October 23, 2015.  Most of the titles deal with change and leadership, and apply to all leaders, not just administrators in business services.  If you have other books that are valuable, please send…

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