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Category: Must Reads

Articles of extreme importance to the Superintendents’ Academy

Board Relationships 101

Five lessons of battle-tested superintendent By Terry B. Grier/School Administrator, October 2015 When an attractive superintendent’s job is dangled in front of an eager educator by a search firm executive, we rarely consider how our relationships with a school board and its individual members can make or break our leadership.…

Noguera: 10 Points of Advice for the ‘Next Generation’ of School District Leaders

“Increasingly across this country today, we have a dual system of education in our urban areas: a private system for the affluent and a public system for the poor. That will never work.” Those were the words of Pedro Noguera during his keynote address on Day No. 1 of the…

5 Questions to Surface Your Leadership Beliefs

What you don’t see CAN hurt you. . . and your team. Unexamined beliefs can undermine your good intentions. Here are five questions to help surface some important leadership beliefs and to consider how well your actions reflect them. by Jessie Lyn Stoner  Read more.

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