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Articles of interest and value to educational leaders


In a perfect world everyone serves from a heart of love. But, I see ego-centric motivations in my heart. What about you? “Egoless leadership is, at best, an aspiration.” From Leadership Freak.  Read more.

The Art of Administration: Creating a Powerful Learning Philosophy

by Lee Watanabe-Crockett | Jan 2, 2017 School administrators are the driving force of the success of their teachers and their students. Underlying that great responsibility is the need for a solid, trustworthy, and effective personal learning philosophy. While a staff has a myriad of personalities and backgrounds, the administration needs…

Leadership Caffeine™: Things I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me When I First Became a Leader

One of the motivations in writing Practical Lessons in Leadership a couple of years ago was to take a stab at leaving behind that letter we all wish we would have received when we first became leaders.  You know the letter…it’s the one that if we had read it and…

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