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Category: Strategic Planning

Strategy Hunt

Strategy never happens in a straight line. It’s a journey filled with zigs and zags and fateful decisions. If it’s easy or fast, or is magically generated from a template, it’s probably not strategy. Leaders who take this work seriously understand the existential nature of strategy. It sets the trajectory…

Effective Superintendents – ECRA Literature Review

The role of the modern superintendent is often analogized with that of an orchestra conductor (see: American Association of School Administrators, 2006; Domenech, 2009), and for good administrative performance; facilitates the performance of all personnel; and responds to and persuades an audience with varying ideas about the performance and leadership…

Strategic Planning or Strategic Thinking?

“Over the next decade, the most vibrant innovations in education are likely to take place outside traditional institutions.” (Knowledge Works, 2008).  How will we prepare our students to face and solve the “social, economic, health and climate challenges of the next several decades” (Knowledge Works, 2008).   See more.

Bringing Strategy Back – How Strategic Shock Absorbers Make Planning Relevant in a World of Constant Change

For a time, it looked as if strategy had slipped to the very bottom of the management agenda. The world changes so fast that it makes little sense to rely on standard models of prediction. After all, five–month plans are rendered obsolete the instant competitive winds shift, not to mention…

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